HideMyPlate is the perfect solution to hiding your number plate when posting pictures online. Be it a car or bike, HideMyPlate lets you blur your licence plate, while leaving you with peace of mind.

Hide or blur your licence plate, number plate or anything else with the easy to use iPhone app from AppATapp. Blur images with a quick swipe and cover your licence plate from online crooks. Protect your vehicles number plate and prevent them from stealing your identity.

Just $.99 for a limited time only.


HideMyPlate iPhone App Now Submitted To App Store!

👤 🕔 June 18, 2013 0

After many hours spent on evenings and weekends, I can now announce that HideMyPlate has now been submitted to the App Store for review. Fingers crossed!


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Initial development

👤 🕔 June 17, 2013 0

Hi everyone,

The app idea is a simple concept but so many people, including myself constantly have to go to damn Photoshop/Paint every time I want to ‘Hide my plate’ on my car. Hence the app name ‘HideMyPlate’.
HideMyPlate is an iPhone app which enables you to hide your numberplate when taking pictures of your car for online use.

So I decided to build and iPhone app for my own use. But, after telling a few friends (who are car enthusiasts) it quickly turned into hub for ideas. What went from a simple app design, to a full blown 3 month project. With previous experience of building iPhone apps I thought I would take on the challenge and get it built.

I drew up some basic initial designs and quickly found it was going to be a lot harder than I first anticipated. I had to figure out a way so that the user could zoom into their plate, switch to the blur tool, then zoom out again. Sounds simple? It’s hard to get your head around it but it was doable.

Initial App Designs

Initial App Sketches


Nice and neat as you can see! It looks a lot better now, trust me!

I toyed with a lot of ideas about having moveable object on the screen to cover the users number plate but could not find an effective way of changing an object to fit over a skewed number plate. After a lot of thought I went with the blur tool as it was zoomable and looked subtle when added to an image.

I will be added more blog posts as the time goes on. Please keep reading for more information and updates.


Tom Phillips