HideMyPlate is the perfect solution to hiding your number plate when posting pictures online. Be it a car or bike, HideMyPlate lets you blur your licence plate, while leaving you with peace of mind.

Hide or blur your licence plate, number plate or anything else with the easy to use iPhone app from AppATapp. Blur images with a quick swipe and cover your licence plate from online crooks. Protect your vehicles number plate and prevent them from stealing your identity.

Just $.99 for a limited time only.


💧 Blur Your Number Plate

Seamlessly blur your chosen pictures number plate with the easy to use ‘Wipe with finger’ blurring tool.

Peace Of Mind, All The Time

Are you a car enthusiast who uploads pictures of your pride and joy but is worried about identity fraud or someone duplicating your number plate? HideMyPlate was made […]

Enhance Pictures

HideMyPlate isn’t just an app for hiding your number plate, you can also enhance pictures using tools like Filters, Crop and Memes.

Upload To Social Media Sites

HideMyPlate allows you to post your pictures directly to Instagram, Facebook and Twitter as well as saving pictures directly to your camera roll or sharing by email.

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Help & Support

Got a problem, suggestion or just a question? Don’t be afraid to contact us at contact@hidemyplate.info, or fill out the contact form.