HideMyPlate is the perfect solution to hiding your number plate when posting pictures online. Be it a car or bike, HideMyPlate lets you blur your licence plate, while leaving you with peace of mind.

Hide or blur your licence plate, number plate or anything else with the easy to use iPhone app from AppATapp. Blur images with a quick swipe and cover your licence plate from online crooks. Protect your vehicles number plate and prevent them from stealing your identity.

Just $.99 for a limited time only.


About Us

Hey, I’m Tom. A 22 year old developer from the UK. I have been developing apps since 2008 with HideMyPlate being the latest. HideMyPlate is a simple concept but so many people, including myself constantly have to go to damn Photoshop/Paint every time I want to ‘Hide my plate’. Hence the app name ‘HideMyPlate’. So I built the app.

Hope you enjoy and use it as much as I do! If you have any feedback, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Tom Phillips